Printer Path Cleaning Paper for Laser Printers, Faxes and Photocopiers


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Sometimes buying compatible toner and printer cartridges for your printer can have adverse effects. Toner marks are left, streaking down the document that you have just printed off, there’s too much toner on the rollers, or too much left in the paper path of your printer, fax, photocopier or all in one printers. With PC Valet’s Cleaning Paper , you can avoid these shoddy print-outs and paper wastage. Simply run a sheet of cleaning paper through your printer or photocopier, as though processing a normal document. Repeat this 4-5 times, then discard after use. This will leave your rollers and the paper path clean in laser printers, faxes, and photocopiers, as well as prolonging the life of your printer and saving on paper wastage. Please note that occasionally, due to the age of your printer or build-up of toner over time in the path and rollers, the cleaning paper may not always work. However, customers found that trying the Cleaning Paper before buying a new printer is very cost effective, and works in most cases.


  • Paper Path Cleaning Sheets. For New Laser Printers, Photocopiers and Plain paper Fax Machines. Recommended for use after each toner change, each sheet can be used up to 5 times. 10 sheets per pack.
  • The specially coated Paper Path cleaning sheets will pass over the optic glass and through the paper path removing any tonner dust and dirt.
  • The Paper Path sheets can also be used on old laser printers and fax machines with a 50/50 chance of working. We have customers that said “it worked” and others customers that said “it does not”.
  • It really depends on the age, overall maintenance upkeep and if you have used Paper Path Cleaning Sheets throughout the use of the printer or fax machine.
  • But for the low cost chance that the Paper Path Cleaning sheets work, it is the cheaper option of making your printer or fax machine last longer.
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